This website is for people interested to learn more about Bitcoin and open Blockchain.

This is a one stop shop for information on Bitcoin protocol and sub/peripheral topics (Networks, Economics/History of Money, Privacy/Security, Bitcoin Products & Services).

My background is in finance and engineering, and worked on financial systems implementations for over a decade.

My journey with Bitcoin started in 2013 with a complete disregard and total scepticism for this new technology. Indeed, at first it wasn’t even clear to me that Bitcoin is a technology as I have yet to come to the realization that money itself is a technology.

My actual journey with Bitcoin officially started by reading the Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, which describes the design principles of Bitcoin:

The three concepts that absolutely struck me were:

  1. Bitcoin is a technology, and a communication protocol like the internet
  2. Bitcoin is the first significant innovation in the technology of money since ages
  3. There is no way to undo Bitcoin, Bitcoin has no single point of failure, it can’t be “shut down”

When I came to these realizations, I have spent any second I had at my disposal to learn anything about Bitcoin as a protocol, as a monetary system, and as a communication system.

I also felt compelled to share with other my journey that I was going through and what I have been learning.

In addition to the I have opened what is now the largest Bitcoin Meetup in London, which serves a community of 1,000 + members:

Also, I have started a YouTube channel where I invite the most influential and experienced people in the space to share their experiences and recent developments:

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